Hello Alek.

I’ve observed something in regards to women Chase plus the seduction area at-large.

There appears to be most intellectual prejudice and intellectual dishonesty inside room Re: “Sluts”.

See, contained in this space we instruct that women tend to be humankind similar to guys and ought to therefore end up being able to practice gender easily w/o reasoning.

Furthermore, the idea of “high human anatomy number” is a low concern to you “lovers” unless seeking an LTR.

But the reality reveal that “most” women are never actually built for relaxed sex. The majority of high n rely women either have personality conditions, records of youngster punishment, poor impulse control or large gender drives.

Generally speaking ladies barter gender for relationships and continuous hookups for any normal girl without committment problems the girl psyche. This is exactly why FWB chicks occasionally get jaded and sick and tired of bare sex.

Here’s an idea, if women like-sex really, why cannot they hold down an FWB arrangemnt in perpetuity like men would rather?

Chase has also countered the argument that older seducers do not corrupt younger ladies by screwing all of them young 18/19yo) because females have company might consider on their own.

Yet we additionally continue to declare that ladies are lovable small smurfs who are in need of direction and way. They aren’t top choice makers particularly if young.

Basically all of these axioms we here appear to be rationalisations for “lovers” to screw women without enduring shame.

And something way i could show that is to request an article titled “A Letter to my 18yo child” or sth along these traces offering her suggestions about just how to manouver sexual relations as she goes to start her first year in college.

Could you still tell your daughter that their ok to fuck an easy speaking guy on very first big date if she seems the feeling?

Would you nevertheless tell this lady that human anatomy count is a social construct utilized by prudes and puritans? One nightstands are perfectly okay.

Do you really still enable their becoming banged by more mature guys (30s) during the woman first 12 months of college because earlier guy + more youthful girl is an entirely regular course of action?

I’ve found it tough difficult to fully embody the fan archetype given that it regularly clashes making use of the patriach archetype inside myself exactly who believes he might have a girl eventually.

And I keep in mind that this great site doesn’t offer womens information since it is a gay men site for MEN however in this case proclaiming that can be an easy cop-out from handling the disingenious nature regarding the things we illustrate here Re: ladies and Sex

Are you able to end up being a fan and a patriach without having intellectual dissonance?

Trillion Money Question.

Everyone loves this concern, and I’d like to answer it… very, although it may be addressed to Alek, I’d like to weighin using my applying for grants it too.